Service: hardware / office equipment

We base their activities on products renowned for reliability, high efficiency and long life but still they need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure trouble-free operation. We provide maintenance services at the premises of our customers.


We base your selection on the latest technology trends. Requirements of each employee vary according to his duties. Constant contact with employees allows us to find the right tool for the job in attractive price variants.

Equipment on request

A wide range of contacts with equipment manufacturers allows us access to specialized equipment.

VOIP devices

We select devices which allow for cheap and effective communications using the internet on your phone.

Sprzęt alarmowy / monitoring

Nawet najlepsze systemy bezpieczeństwa nie będą optymalnie funkcjonowały bez należytego sprzętu. Obszar naszych usług obejmuje dobór i instalacja systemów ostrzegawczych.